" The voice of the Lord is powerful.
   The voice of the Lord is Majestic." (Ps. 29:4)

Verse of the day

will not always
be forgotten


We Plan to do:
Counseling Ministry :
This ministry is to work with people in such a way as to encourage personal discovery of the truth about their situation and personal responsibility in planning a solution to their problem.
Training Centre:
To establish an educational institute to train Pastors and Evangelists
Magazine Ministry:
To publish spiritual magazines, tracts and books.
Village Ministry:
In Indian villages, people are extremely bound by religion, tradition and many more superstitious beliefs. Due to this few people have been given the burden to go and minister among the villages but they get vexed soon because of the lack of proper counseling and finance. We need funds to arrange at conventions, crusades, revival meetings for village churches and to set up a Christian book library where books, magazines and newspaper from other Christian organization will be available to the villagers.
Gospel Ministry:
To guide and do all kinds of gospel works.
Social Activities:
Children’s Home :
To help out the existing orphanages and to set up new ones wherever necessary.
Old Aged Homes:
To help out the existing old aged peoples and to set up new ones wherever necessary.
Rehabilitation Centre for people affected with AIDS/Cancer :
People suffering with AIDS / Cancer are deserted by families. There are very few rehabilitation centres for them in Tamilnadu.
Human Trafficking:
Human Trafficking is very common incident which happens in most of the countries. In India, this problem prevails all over the country. Bonded labourers in India are usually from the scheduled caste & tribes. Because of cheap labour, bondage is continued in many families by trafficking agents.

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