" The voice of the Lord is powerful.
   The voice of the Lord is Majestic." (Ps. 29:4)
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About Pastor I.P.JAYASINGH (Founder and Trustee of BMI)
Pastor I.P.Jayasingh was born to Mr.Israel Philipose and Mrs. Padmam Philipose on 6th May 1951 in a village called Irenepuram in Kanyakumari District. He was born and brought up in a Christian family. After completing his PUC, he moved to Chennai and took up some mean jobs for his livelihood. On 7th July 1979 he was married to Vasantha. The Lord gifted them with a daughter on 1st March 1981.
In the year 1975 he went to Algeria and worked there for few years in an American company named Elpaso, and returned back to India few years later. He returned to Chennai in the end of 1981 with the intension of settling down, hence he started lot of business including producing and acting in films, but one by one everything turned out to be loss. The losses in his business lead him to dejection but he put His trust in the Lord and started going to church regularly received theanointing of the Holy Spirit and took immerse water baptism in the year 1988. After all this with little hope in 1986 he started Kinsman JV Industry (steel furniture manufacturer) even this resulted in loss. By now the Lord gifted him with four sons.
Lord's purpose for him was different. Until the year 1993 he continued doing some small business and simultaneously did some ministries as well. In January 1993, the Lord called him into full time ministry. He was called to deliver His people from their bondages. With this vision, the Lord is enabling him to release His church and people from the clutches of demons and to bring a revival in these last days to His churches.
In the year 1995 as per the Lord's guidance BETHEL MISSIONS OF INDIA was started and was registered with the government of India to do ministry and social activities as per the rules. Lord took him to countries like Burma and Singapore to do His ministry.
Today, the Lord is using the gifts that He has given to him in a mighty way.


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